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Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair

Do you want a chair that offers an advanced level of portability and superior comfort? Then you probably don’t have to look very far because the Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag by Quik Shade might be something that you might want to take a look at. This model is a traveler’s favorite as it turns quickly into a smaller form and weighs light enough to be carried in a backpack. And what’s more? It comes with a carrying bag that you can use to take the chair around along with you.

With a high level of utility and stylish appearance, this chair the certainly make for a fine seat in various environments. Even though it may look somewhat flimsy because of its slim appearance, know that it has been built to withstand quite heavy of weight up to 225 lbs. What are the other exciting features? Let’s find out.

Performance Review

Comfort: The seat is made of sturdy polyester fabric that both ensures comfort and durability. The fabric is good enough to be used in many environments that include the hillside, forests, or simply in your backyard while you’re having a barbecue. You don’t need an excuse to relax, and you certainly don’t want to go for an inferior product that doesn’t live up to its promises. Offering even more impressive features like a cup holder, this year is the ideal choice for those who want just to sit back, relax, and read their favorite book or simply gaze into the wonders of mother nature. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need an excuse to relax all you have to do is unwind and feel the comfort that Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair provides.

Portability: What this model slightly lax in durability makes up more than enough in its portability aspects. The model itself has been made with lightweight steel, and the entire setup comes under 36 inches of size when folded. This means that you store it in the special carry bag provided, drop it in the trunk of your car, and set forth your destination. This model scores a perfect 10 in portability, and you won’t likely find any camping chair that is better.

Durability: Since this model has a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs, it is implied that there is some solid support that binds together the entire frame. Consisting of polyester fabric and sturdy steel construction, this chair is the perfect embodiment of brain meets beauty. Dozens of user reviews on Amazon testify to the fact that how reliable this model is and its capability of providing an unparalleled level of comfort. You don’t have to worry about the Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair breaking unless your weight far exceeds the mentioned capacity. So, you can go for this chair with your eyes closed.

Ease of Set Up: Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag‘, as the name implies, leaves very little to guess about its extent of user friendliness. This model is easy to set up as it opens and closes in mere seconds. It is easy to store as well since it falls into a compact size that is just perfect for carrying it around in a bag. Walk for a mile or two, pitch your tent, and set up this chair beside for the ultimate luxury in the lap of wilderness. And the best part? You’ll be done in less than a minute.

Price vs. Value it Provides: The best reason why this chair is a must get is because of its price point. How many brands can you think of that might offer such a superior grade portable chair under $20? The chances are that your mind is now drawing a blank. Don’t worry; this model is available on at a highly affordable price. Even if you had any reason to think twice before buying the Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag by Quik Shade, the low price tag should be good enough to have convinced you just to try it out for yourself. Who knows, you just might find a traveling companion for life?

Product Specs

Weight: 6 pounds
Material: Metal, Polyester fabric
Available Colors: Blue, Green, and Red
Folded Dimensions: N/A
Unfolded Dimensions: 35.5 x 34 x 20.5 inches
Special Features: Cup holder, carry bag



6.5 /10


9.0 /10


6.5 /10

Ease of Set Up

9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Too narrow for bigger person
  • Breaks easily

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