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Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? If so then you probably like to kick back and take in nature’s best on a comfortable seat. This is why owning a good camping chair is a great investment for the discernible outdoor lover. Like every other camping equipment you own, durability is a key factor. You need something that will withstand the abrasive outdoors but at the same time provide maximum comfort for you. You need the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is sturdily designed and true to its name, it is capable of withstanding weights of up to 800 pounds. No longer will you be subjected to the embarrassment of camping chairs disintegrating in the presence of friends and family. This strong camping chair will be a faithful outdoor companion for years to come.

Large people struggle to find camp chairs that do not disintegrate under their weight. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is the perfect answer to most individuals who are bigger than normal. The chair clearly sets its distinction for the following reasons:

  • It has a maximum capacity of a whopping 800lbs.
  • The chair’s sturdy design will last for far much longer than other chairs. It is built for durability.
  • Despite its bulky nature, it is very comfortable with an elevated, upright seating position and a padded backrest, not to mention a quilted seat that will comfortably accommodate you.
  • Comes with sizeable pockets and cup holders on the armrests to hold your things while you kick back and relax.
  • Can be folded to fit into an easy-to-carry shoulder bag.
  • Strong, sturdy arms that will bear your weight when you stand.

Unfortunately, every titan has a weakness, and for this fantastic chair, the following are reasons you might not opt for it:

  • The fabric, although very durable, is not breathable. This can be a problem especially if you tend to sweat a lot.
  • The weight of this chair, even when folded, might still be a bit too restrictive for those who would like to carry it on camping trips. 13 pounds is not a weight you want to be lugging around on the rocky terrain of a mountain.
  • It costs more than other regular camping chairs.

Performance Review

Comfort: Most of us like the outdoors but the thought of leaving our cushy sofa behind deters us from taking a venture outdoors. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with a design that is mindful of not only the durability of the chair but also your maximum comfort.

The wide seat allows you to lean back into a comfortably padded back that will make you feel like you never left home. You can enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors without the torture of having to withstand uncomfortable surfaces or even substandard seats. The armrests are also adjustable to suit your specific body shape.

Unlike the cheap convenience store camping seats, the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair sets up at chair height and is not difficult to get in or out of. Nowadays, camping seats are getting lower and more slanted but this seat breaks that trend by offering a fairly perpendicular backrest that ensures the right posture when seated. No longer will you have to choose between your passion for the outdoors and your comfort.

Portability: Need a chair that you can easily carry around? No problem. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is highly portable with a compact, foldable design that belies its strength when unfolded. You can easily convert this item of maximum seating comfort into a normal luggage-sized bag that you can carry around on your camping trips. When folded, the seat fits snugly into a 7” by 41” shoulder bag that is small enough to carry. Forget about carrying a bunch of disposable chairs or even using the hard ground when going camping. The Alps King Kong Mountaineering chair is all that you need.

Durability: The Alps King Kong Mountaineering chair is a tough customer in terms of resilience. The robustly built camping chair utilizes heavy duty 600D polyester fabric that, unlike flimsy, low quality chairs, will not tear easily. It is significantly thicker than normal camping chair fabrics.

The supporting frame is made of steel that is at least three times thicker than the size of ordinary chairs. The steel frame has also been powder-coated to ensure that rust is not a thing you have to worry about. Furthermore, support is guaranteed further by the use of thick plastics that are placed in strategic places to help the fabric support the weight of the chair’s occupant. The arms are also sturdy enough to support your weight when you are standing up.

Disposable chairs will be a thing of the past because with the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair, your outdoor seating needs will be sated for a long period to come.

Ease of Set Up: Being a folding chair, setting up the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is an easy one-man task if the person in question is an adult. It can be a bit tricky on account of the weight but all in all it is a straightforward task.

Who cares what others are doing around you? You can read your favorite magazine, sip from a can of beer, get some writing work done having nature as inspiration, or cook a delicious meal by the fireplace while sitting on this revolutionary camping product.

Price vs. Value it Provides: The upsides of this great camping chair cannot be dulled by a few minor shortcomings. Granted the price is a little steep compared to other hiking chairs, you will be hard-pressed to find anything of the same quality at a lower price. It is a godsend especially to tall and bulky people who always find themselves crouching in camp seats or breaking one every other time. The most important thing is that you will get absolute value for the money you will spend on the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

Product Specs

Weight: 13 pounds
Material: Heavy duty 600D polyester fabric; powder-coated steel frame
Available Colors: Khaki
Folded Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 38 inches
Unfolded Dimensions: 38 x 20 x 38 inches
Special Features: Storage pocket, carry bag, 2 beverage holders



9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10

Ease of Set Up

8.5 /10


8.0 /10


  • Quality materials
  • Durable
  • Nice carry case


  • Heavy
  • Takes forever to dry

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