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Best Selling Folding Camping Chairs Reviews

Best Camping Chairs Reviews

Going outside isn’t always about being on your feet. Even the hardiest hiker and the most dedicated fly fisherman need a place to park when back at camp, and sometimes a log just doesn’t cut it.  When choosing the best camping chair, we had a lot of demands. It must have portability and durability just like other camping equipment, but also maintain the comfort and utility of a standard chair. These are pieces of equipment that regularly get thrown in and out of vehicles, dragged across campsites, and might live on your front porch for months on end. Through all this abuse, we still expect them to let us “sit back and relax.”

During this review, we wanted to find a chair that soared in comfort, portability, durability, and ease of set up. Fortunately, we tested several excellent products that really raised our expectations of camping comfort.

Flimsy camping chairs are a dime a dozen at big box stores. Made from low-quality alloys and substandard fabrics, store-brand chairs often have trouble lasting the season and collapse if you look at them wrong.

A good camping chair, on the other hand, becomes a trusted companion. It goes with you not only to the campsite, but to the beach, the park, outdoor concerts, barbecues and picnics. It’s ready for you after a long day of work when you want to sit on your patio and watch the sunset, beverage in hand. It’s perfect for lounging around the campfire after an epic day on the trails.

You get the idea.

So what makes a good camping chair? It’s got to be comfortable, portable, sturdy and stowable. Season to taste: storage is important for many people—a cup holder, especially—as is adjustability, and ease of setup.

The upshot: there are different chairs for different people. On our list you’re bound to find a chair that works for you, or something close anyway (there are a few alternate picks tucked in there.)

Camping Chairs

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TOP PICK – Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

The top rated and best seller is the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair.  It is sturdily designed and true to its name, it is capable of withstanding weights of up to 800 pounds. No longer will you be subjected to the embarrassment of camping chairs disintegrating in the presence of friends and family. This strong camping chair will be a faithful outdoor companion for years to come. Large people struggle to find camp chairs that do not disintegrate under their weight. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is the perfect answer to most individuals who are bigger than normal.  Learn more about this awesome chair here.

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair is a one of a kind model that combines various technologies to bring you an unmatched level of comfort and reliability. In the world of portable chairs, many models claim to be better than the rest; but do they truly withstand the test of time? This chair by Kijaro has a signature item that features dual lock technology that allows a user to lock the seat in both open and closed positions for better convenience. If best back support and portability is what you want, then this item would be perfect to take to a family picnic or some quiet time out by yourself amidst nature. Learn more about this awesome chair here.

Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair

Do you want a chair that offers an advanced level of portability and superior comfort? Then you probably don’t have to look very far because the Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag by Quik Shade might be something that you might want to take a look at. This model is a traveler’s favorite as it turns quickly into a smaller form and weighs light enough to be carried in a backpack. And what’s more? It comes with a carrying bag that you can use to take the chair around along with you. Learn more about this awesome chair here.

Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair

Nature and relaxation go hand in hand as many of us escape our daily grind by going away on weekend camping trips or just arrange for a picnic with our loved ones. There is nothing more relaxing than having a delicious meal in the lap of natural beauty with birds chirping and the sweet smell of the environment engulfing your senses. To perfectly relax amidst the bounty of nature, you may buy a Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair that will take care of all your seating arrangement needs. Whether you want to sit by the lake and read your favorite book or get some shut eye before the meal is fully cooked, this chair will help you to relax without ever worrying about finding a proper place to sit. Learn more about this awesome chair here.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Chair

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Chair is highly portable and thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. This is a unique chair that is designed for use by the kids. The product is one of the most fantabulous brands that offer excess comfort for the children. On the other hand, the product may require you to have your own umbrella in case of the rains. This is because the chair does not have its canopy or shade that can protect your kid from the harmful rays of the sun among other weather conditions. Learn more about this awesome chair here.

Criteria for Evaluation of Camping Chairs


Comfort was our most highly weighted metric, accounting for nearly half of the overall score of the camping chair. After all, deciding to buy a chair instead of sit on the ground means you probably value comfort. So don’t waste your money on a chair that isn’t comfortable. Factors we considered when evaluating comfort were arm rests, lumbar support, a head rest, back ventilation, and overall design of the chair. For the most part, we felt that all of the chairs were reasonably comfortable, with the portable chairs being the least so of all of the models we tested. That being said, even our lowest ranking chair in the comfort criteria is significantly more comfortable than sitting on the ground for an extended period of time.


This metric was the second most important rating criteria that we evaluated. It accounted for a quarter of the overall score of the product. Given the variety of ways you can use your camping chair, it is mandatory to choose a product you won’t mind moving and transporting. Factors that affected a chair’s portability were its packed size, weight, and its traveling bag. Because of their design, the portable models scored higher than the traditional models in this metric.


Like anything you spend money on, you want it to be durable. Almost all of the chairs we tested seemed to be very durable, meaning that testers felt they would be able to get multiple seasons of regular use out of a product. Wear and tear on the fabric and features and flimsiness of the frame were the most important specs that were monitored.

Ease of Set Up

Ease of assembly referred specifically to how hard it is to assemble the chair. Fortunately, the mental capacity that is required to assemble these products is limited. Most of the traditional models only required pulling apart two opposing vertical frame pieces in order to be set up. The most complex of the traditional models has a single button that must be pressed in order to assemble and disassemble the chair. The portable models had a more involved set up.


Although we did not rate the chairs according to their features, we have included this section to describe the bells and whistles some of these chairs have. Really want a chair with a built in bottle opener? Then skim through our individual reviews to narrow down which models have this feature. Want a chair that has a cup holder big enough for your favorite mug? Then add that to the list of specs to check out too.

All of the traditional model chairs come fitted with extra features, but the Sport Brella possessed all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a new age camping chair – plus an umbrella. In addition, this chair has a foot rest, cup holder, arm cooler, bottle opener, and two storage pouches. If you want to give yourself as many reasons as possible to not get out of your camping chair, then you better get the Sport-Brella.

Camping Chairs Overview

Camping chairs are a useful luxury item that can be used not only while camping, but as additional seating for a barbecue, for hanging out at the sidelines of a soccer game or on the beach, or for tailgating. They should be comfortable, relatively portable, and user friendly. And need we mention, versatile? The main problem with typical lightweight camping stools and chairs is that they often forgo comfort as if the austere conditions of the camping environment exclude kicking back and relaxing. Fortunately, we were able to test several models that offer a variety of features but still hold up to the one golden criteria: comfort.

So why even have a camping chair? Well, in regards to car camping, the easy answer is that you don’t actually need one. In fact, there are probably millions of people in campgrounds all around the US lounging about on the ground or sitting on the hard bench of a picnic table as we speak. These alternatives, however, are far less comfortable. Once you take a camping trip using camping chairs, you won’t want to be without them again. They make eating significantly easier, lounging more enjoyable, and most of them even keep your adult beverages chilled for you.

The greatest benefit of owning camping chairs over regular chairs is that they can be folded up into a smaller form factor and taking on trips by storing it in the trunk of your car. These chairs come in many shapes and sizes so as to accommodate people of all body types and weight. Since extra durability is a necessity in the wilderness, these chairs are made from high-strength steel that gives it a maximum capacity to support the weight. So regardless of where you are, whether at the beach or out in the forest, these chairs will act as a trusted companion that would give you great comfort and relaxation. After all, we all count down the days till the time we finally escape the daily hustle and prepare for a few days time in luxury.

When it comes to chairs, many people get picky over the choices available, and there are others who struggle with finding the perfect chair that has all the favorable properties. The struggle to find the perfect chair gets even more intense when it comes to selecting one that is suitable for camping. Yes, if you are looking for such a model, the chances are that you’ll be spending a whole lot of time browsing and reading specifications of items posted on the web and face difficulty making a choice among such a vast variety. But you are not alone in this search because many people like you want to buy only the best that is available.

The problem with chairs for camping is that many of the brands fail to manufacture an ideal product that offers the perfect mix of reliability, sturdiness, and portability. It is often found that chairs that are portable have a weak build quality, which leads to its breaking a lot sooner than expected; there are also chairs that offer greater sturdiness but weigh so heavy that they can be barely be taken on trips that require hiking or a lot of movement. This is the ultimate dilemma that many prospective camping chair owners have to go through, and even compromise on a particular aspect to just buy a model that somehow serves their needs.

Since it is so hard to choose a model that best fits your requirement and budget, we have gone through hundreds of reviews to compile a small list of chairs that would be perfect for every camping environment. But that’s not all; we have also included a self-standing hammock on the list along with a toy chair for children because little ones deserve to have their own share of fun as well. The reason behind including a hammock in this list is because it is portable and does not require the user to find a suitable tree position to set it up, giving it the same utility as that of a camping chair with the extra ability to accommodate full-size adults lying down. All the six models that we have chosen will offer optimum comfort and durability so that you rarely need to look anywhere else for anything better.

Primary considerations to keep in mind?

So now that you are convinced that it is indeed possible to buy the perfect camping chair, there are some things that you should bear in mind before handing over your hard earned money. Looking online is a great way to compare product quality and prices because there are tons of options available on various e-commerce sites. So what are the things that you should look for in a camping chair? Read on to find out.

Comfort: Sense of relaxation is the primary goal of going away on a camping trip, the experience would be incomplete if your chair does not provide you with an absolute sensation of comfort and luxury. Choose a model you can read various Amazon reviews to get an idea of the level of satisfaction that a certain model offers before buying the item. Padded seats generally offer more comfortable seating but at the cost of portability and propensity to retain water from rain and other sources.

Chair Strength: Only go for reliable brands that manufacture products that offer extended durability and resistance to damage. Chairs that have frames made of high-strength steel are great choices as they not only provide increased support for body weight but can also withstand adverse weather conditions. Chairs made of plastic frames or having flimsy steel construction tend to wear out faster and may even break while using. So, choose a model that would last long even if it means paying a little extra. After all, nobody buys a camping chair to use at home.

Ease of Assembly: There is a broad range of chairs for camping available in the market, and not every one of those is user-friendly in assembly. Unless you have special skills in putting chairs together after reading complex manuals, it’s better that you stick to the ones that come with simple design and easy to assemble architecture. Whether you are assembling a chair or a hammock, be sure to read the instructions manual carefully so as not to make a mess out of the setup.

Value for Money: Not every expensive item you see listed on websites perform as advertised. More often than not, camping chairs are overpriced just because the seat comprises of a certain fabric or boasts a reputable brand value. The best way to judge these portable chairs is to go through reviews posted by other users and come to a conclusion based on average rate of satisfaction. Popular products on Amazon have hundreds and thousands of ratings that act as a testimonial to the quality; you can put your trust on these products, and you won’t be disappointed by your purchase.

Utility Features: Chairs for camping are not only meant for sitting, but should also come with additional features like can holders, pouches to store magazines and newspapers, and carry bags to carry the item safely from one place to another. An all in one camping chair that offers excellent value for money should have all the features mentioned above.